Hi, I am pretty new to this forum, but wanted to try selling my Palm Treo Pro for Sprint here before going to ebay to save myself some hassle and fees. I have feedback as a seller on ebay as farra712.

I have opened the Treo Pro to look at it, and have turned it on to look at some of the functions. (I got a Pre, and wanted to compare before selling it.) It has never been activated. It is brand new in its original box with all manuals, charger, stylus, etc. I am asking $215 shipped for this and will ship UPS or USPS. Whichever you prefer. I can't get PM's yet from what I understand, so you can reply here or (your best bet for a fast answer) email me at farra712ataoldotcom. Please put something about the Treo Pro in your subject so you don't get deleted.

(I am not posting a picture because, apparently, I cannot, because I haven't posted enough. Also, its brand new, so hopefully you know what it looks like if you are buying it. However, if you need "proof" of some sort, I can email you a picture of it in the box.)