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    I have the following items for sale:

    MatchBook Drive Long Adapter - $8 - Used only a few times. I didn't have much time to play with them due to my busy class/work schedule this semester. (Will sell for $15 with 8MB compact flash media.)

    MatchBook Drive Flush Adapter - $18 - Never used this one. ($25 with 8MB compact flash media.)

    Targus Stowaway Keyboard for Visor - $75 - Used for 3 months. No scratches or sticky P keys.

    Pocket Express Pocket Recipe Module - $30 - Gonna miss this one! There are tons of recipes and you can add your own. Not exactly something you would keep beside you while you were cooking but it has some good recipes.

    Pack of 5 Styli (various colors) - $10 - Will consider selling these separately if anyone wants a special color only.

    All prices include standard USPS shipping. If you want it quicker the fee for express mail is $3.50.

    What? You don't like my prices? Email me your offer, all I can say is no. What doesn't sell this week goes on eBay on Friday.

    I prefer payment by PayPal but will accept snail mail payments.

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    Check 'em out (don't window shop! ):

    MatchBook Long Adapter

    MatchBook Flush Adapter

    8MB Flash Memory and Backup Combo

    My Old Brain ;-)

    And while you're looking, check my other auctions! Bid and bid high, gotta pay for my Clie!
    If at first you don't succeed....hide all evidence that you tried...

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