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    Hi gents. I miss my rollover minutes so I'm selling my Pre. Asking price is $375 incl. CONUS shipping O.B.O. I ship the *same* day I receive cleared payment.

    For feedback kindly check Amazon or eBay.

    I have had the phone for the entire 30 day trial period so it shows some minor signs of wear and it does have a minor scratch on the front cover which does not affect the function of the phone at all. I've tried my best to capture this in the photos. I've kept it in the soft case the entire time so I'm not even sure how this happened, but it has never been dropped. I've had the insurance for it but haven't investigated the possibility of repair/replacement although you are free to do so.

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    Reduced to $375.
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    One bump before it hits eBay!
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    yikes that scratch looks kinda scary! I was going to make an offer until I saw that...
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    It's actually not bad at all. Unfortunately the proximity and angle I need in order to get it on camera makes it look huge. It's not even 1cm long... and I actually go to UM so if you want to take a look at it in person let me know.
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