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    I've somehow ended up with 2 Palm Pre's which I have already been billed for (and paid for), and Sprint won't take one of them back (I'm past my 30 days). I don't really have the energy to fight with them, so rather than doing that I figure I'll just put one of them up for sale. It's brand new, still in box, and still has that nifty plastic protective film covering the screen. Includes all original accessories -- Getting Started guide, AC wall charger, Li-ion battery, USB cable, slip case, and wired headset. Note that I'm selling the PHONE ONLY - you will have to either add it to an existing contract or start a new contract (but since you are buing the phone outright it won't affect your contract end date).

    I've put it up on eBay, so go there and search for Item #170370981593 (just type that item # in the search box at the top of the main eBay page). (The forums aren't letting me post a link directly to the auction page, sorry!)
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    How much do you want for the phone. I am searching ebay now.


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