I don't know if I can post this here or not, since technically it's a self-advertisement, but I figured that I would have probably liked to know about this, so here goes.

I constructed a clip that allows the holster that comes free with the deluxes and visors by handspring to be mounted to a belt. Plus, you can easily detach the clips and use the holster as the original pocket design. I was motivated to this for 2 reasons: First, was $30 price tags on many belt clip cases and second was the excellent holster design by Handspring that keeps the palm pilot snug and allows for the wild, wild west-like quick draw.

I work as a resident in a hospital so you can imagine my palm pilot sees a lot action and aftet 3 months, the results have been excellent so far. I've started selling these clips on ebay under the name "laraycleaners" (don't ask there a long story behind that name) and the reviews have been quite good.

I just put up a website (with a lame design I must confess, but functional) at www.t-ezslipclip.com

Let me know what you think