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    Hello everyone,

    I am a freelance graphic designer for my company Xeiot.

    As you can tell I rarely update my own site hehe. I have been doing graphic design for about 7 years (mostly for free). I am offering my services to anyone making new applications. I have limited coding experience so I am here solely for designs, you will have to give me images sizes and all needed to code. Please just reply to this thread and I will assist as first come first serve. I work 40 hours a week so please be patient if i don't get to you right away. I am not looking for payments, unless you would like to donate but please mention me somewhere for the services I provided. I look forward to working with everyone.
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    Hey there - I would love a 64x64 icon for my game MouseBurglar. A 64x64 directional arrow and a 169x78 'reset' button would be pretty sweet too.
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    A private message has been sent with your images as I cannot post them yet for forum 10 post rules. Please let me know if you need any adjustments. Thank you.

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