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    Hi Guys... My wife and I just got our Pre's and we love them. We both had Instincts previously, and I'm looking to get rid of them. They were both babied and are in perfect shape. They each come with the spare battery and battery charger. My wife's phone has the original 2 gig micro SD card, and mine has a 4 gig card. I'm trying to get $150 for the set, which I think is a pretty good deal. Do your parents need a touchscreen phone, but not necessarily a smart phone? Your kids maybe? Make me an offer...

    Update: Sorry guys, I have to put this sale on hold for a bit per the wife. I'll repost if the original deal is back on.
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    Do you have the Box and all the original accessories?
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    I have the original accessories, including the slide in cases, spare batteries, and spare battery chargers. I don't have the earplugs that came with it, (if they did, I can't remember), and I doubt I have the original packaging for both phones. Maybe, but I doubt it.
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    When you know exactly what you have let me know. I am very interested.
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    Very interested.

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