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    For Sale: Seidio Spring-Clip Holster with Audio Port, a Rubberized 2-Piece Snap-On Case (black), a LCD Screen Protector, and a black soft phone pouch. (EDIT: The Case, Screen Protector, and Pouch are not Seidio items. Only the Holster is a Seidio item.) All items are unused in their original packaging. I had an issue with my Pre before these items were even delivered! I had to return my Pre and I have decided I'm going to wait before I'll buy another one (I may just wait until Palm releases a new WebOS phone). Yes, I could just return these items, but I don't feel right doing that and I'd have to pay a restocking fee anyway.

    So everything is new and ready to ship! I will sell it all for *SOLD* shipped CONUS!

    I will only accept PayPal as payment, and the items will ship out right away.

    Thanks for looking!

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    Please contact me as I may be interested in your items. Email Formulate it into an e-address.

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    Has this been sold?

    If me at treomess051 at gmail .

    Phone: 700p > Pre
    PMP: Archos 605 (30GB) and iPod Touch (16GB)
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    SOLD! Thanks

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