Having settled on the Brando screen protector for my needs (www.brando.com.hk, $12.95 each), I am going to sell off the others I have tried.

Unless noted, all of these fit the Palm III/Handspring Visor types of PDA's and were purchased for my Visor Deluxe. Prices INCLUDE First-Class postage in the US.

Radio Shack self-adhesive, 'Mylar-like' clear plastic film protectors. Originally 12 for $14.95, I have 10 left for $9.

Fellowes WriteRIGHTs (#98024)- 5 full sheets and applicator squeegee, plus one sheet cut just for the Grafitti area. Originally $29.95 for 12, I will sell the rest for $6.

PDAScreenProtectors.com protectors are Mylar sheets that slip into/onto your screen without adhesives. Absolutely no air bubbles! Check their website for more information! Original price is 12 for $11.90, shipped. I have at least 10 of them left (I don't want to get them dirty by counting them!) for $7.

Payment: I prefer PayPal but will take a personal check.

Shipping: Everything will be sent via USPS First-Class mail. If you order more than 1 item, we'll both save on postage!