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    This is this forum here called the "marketplace". You should try it out.
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  2. jerseyx2002
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    I only want one phone for work and play. It's alot easier for me that way. The phone is in great condition along with the rest of the stuff. I'm looking to get at least $350. Thanks for looking. I'll try and get pictures of everything tomorrow/today.
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    If you're looking to part out on the touchstone, let me know.
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  4. jerseyx2002
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    Here are a couple of pictures. Start offers at $350.



  5. jerseyx2002
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    Oh, I have the OEM battery cover as well but not with me for the pictures.
  6. jerseyx2002
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    I can't quite send PM's to anyone due to the number of posts I have so if you have any questions I can answer them on here.
  7. jerseyx2002
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    I'm good to send pm's now.
  8. jerseyx2002
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    Bump before bed
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    PM'ed ya...
  10. jerseyx2002
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    Got the PM. Bump for a new day.
  11. jerseyx2002
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    bump for the night
  12. jerseyx2002
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    I stll have my phone for sale if anyone is still interested.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jerseyx2002 View Post
    I stll have my phone for sale if anyone is still interested.
    I know you are trying to make a bit with the purchase...but I'll do the stock offer of $225 if you want to break even.

    EDIT: Ahh..didn't see the car charger and touchstone...hmm, your asking price seems to be right then.

    Let me know if you are willing to let go of just the Touchstone/back cover.
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    This comes with the touchstone? Would you do 325 shipped?

  15. jerseyx2002
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    This does come with the Touchstone and back cover. It also comes with the OEM cover as well. The only thing it doesnt have is the headphones and OEM soft cover thing. I will be sending the Leather slide in pocket case though. This is a great deal and I am looking for $350. PM me if you are interested. Thanks.
  16. jerseyx2002
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    I am willing to take $325 plus shipping for anyone who wants it. I don't see shipping over $10 for anywhere in this country. So total of $335 gets it. If the shipping comes to more than $10, i'll pick up the difference. Ready to ship as soon as payment clears paypal. First person gets it.
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    Man $335 is quite a bit. Ill give you $250. Maybe $300. this will not have any warranty so thats about it. i do have an HTC TOUCH PRO that can be used with business and is brand new.
  18. jerseyx2002
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    Everything that is included with this, $335 is a great price. Thanks.
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    I got my pre about a month ago off ebay for
    $300...sealed. At the time there were a lot of deals for around $330-$340....but I just got lucky :P

    I just checked ebay now, prices have gone up, what the? cool

    BTW - Make sure when you buy a pre through ebay, craigslist, etc. that it is the updated version. I believe the previous versions don't have a palm logo on the case, but the refreshed ones do. Not 100% sure though.

    Good luck!
  20. jerseyx2002
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    Yes the prices have gone up. I'm not trying to make money though. I want this phone to go to a good home and I would like that to happen without going through Ebay. Good Luck to all.
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