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    Because of its versatility for other things, I just purchased the HipClip PocketZip think from Iomega. This now gives me an additional MP3 player in addition to my SoundsGood.

    I'm not real sure I want to part with it yet, but I figured I'd put out a feeler and gauge interest. To be honest, I'm not even sure what a used SoundsGood should go for. I can tell you that it hasn't been used too often--I only ever loaded one set of songs onto it. I've got everything that came with it--original box, software, case, headphones, etc.

    I know at the end they were going for $150. How's $125 sound?
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    Originally posted by pbryon
    I know at the end they were going for $150. How's $125 sound?
    actually, at the end they were 125 (that's what i paid for mine, anyway, from palmgear). i've seen them on ebay for that much as of late. or around $100. someone sold one on VC about a week or so ago for $60 or so i think.

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    Yeah, but that $60 was a screaming deal. It was gobbled up immediately. I think $100-125 is a fairly reasonable range.
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    OK, I've convinced myself to do it:

    FS: SoundsGood, excellent condition (MP3s only put onto it once), including original box, case, earbud headphones, and original CD software.

    I presume that if you're on this site you know that this is an excellent module, and that Good has now shifted priorities elsewhere, so there is limited support for it. But in my limited experience, it doesn't need support. It works wonderfully.

    $110 or make an offer.

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