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    PTS is proud to announce the Beta release of Tracer+. Tracer+ is a powerful barcode enabled solution plus much more. We invite you to take a look at this unique product for the PalmOS platform. The beta version of Tracer+ can be downloaded at:

    We invite you to download the beta version of Tracer+. The final release of Tracer+ is scheduled for Nov 30,2001. We welcome and encourage feedback about all of our products. Please email any comments to

    To Install Tracer+:

    1. Download Tracer+ from the link provided above
    2. Double click TracerPlus_0x95.exe in the folder to which you saved the download.
    3. You will be prompted for a location to extract the information. The default location is C:\PTS\TracerPlus. For simplicity, the remainder of the instructions refers to
    C:\PTS\TracerPlus as the installed location. Remember to substitute the actual location when performing those steps yourself.
    4. Upon successful file extraction, double-click on setup.exe located in C:\PTS\TracerPlus
    5. The setup application installs both the PDA Application as well as the PC conduit used for the data transfer. Follow the remaining steps and the software installation is complete.
    6. Perform a HotSync with your Palm Pilot. At this point, you should see the Tracer+ application installed on your Palm Pilot.

    Some of the features that distinguish Tracer+

    'Intelligent' barcode power.
    Use the power of Tracer+ to control how the 'flow' of data capture progresses from scan to scan within a record. Tracer+ is the only PalmOS application around
    that gives you the power to use barcode scanning to its fullest capabilities.

    Multiple sessions allow the user to configure independent sessions for different data capture scenarios all in one application
    Setup as many as 32 sessions to handle all of the data capture needs you may run across.

    User definable Fields and Field Types.
    Define fields exactly as you need them. Tracer+ allows you to set up field definitions for each field within each session. This gives the user the ability to setup
    any of the scenarios they may encounter in their daily routines.
    Extensive validation on all field data to avoid invalid data
    Users can setup the validation for any field to avoid erroneous data entry.


    Since this is a beta release, there are a few known issues that will be fixed before final release. Please be sure to do a complete backup of your PalmOS device prior to loading Tracer+. There are no known stability issues with Tracer+ but this is a good practice whenever downloading new software.
    Allow update from PC setting is not used. The list and session data is always updated from the PC if it exists.
    Delete Session Data after HotSync is not used. Data is not deleted from the PDA regardless of this setting.
    Deleting a sessions can cause the data from another session to be incorrectly referenced.

    Special Note: Visor users running Win2k may have to manually install Tracer+. To do so simply double click the TracerPlus.prc file included in the install to manually install Tracer+ to the PDA.


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