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    I have some miscellaneous Visor accessories and springboards to unload. (Baby on the way!) Everything is guaranteed to be in good working order and in excellent condition unless otherwise noted.

    Handspring Prism Bi-fold Leather Case, $15 - no pad of paper included
    Handspring Prism Serial Cradle, $25 - like new in box
    Handspring 8mb Flash Springboard Module, $40
    Motorola StarTac to Visor (non-Edge) cable, $20
    Original Handspring Modem Springboard, $25 - includes all original materials (box, CD, manual, etc.)
    Spare styli, $4 each - have 1 blue and 1 orange (or maybe free if you buy something else and ask nicely!)
    MemPlug CF Springboard and 8mb card, $40 - no packaging or manual
    Black Natural Leather Case for Prism, $15
    Ice Visor Deluxe PLUS FlipCover and spare ice stylus, $90 - in perfect condition, includes everything that originally came with it but the box (manuals, stickers, etc.)

    What's left of the above items are now listed on ebay and can be found here.

    Handspring Belt Clip Holster for Deluxe/Pro/Platinum/Neo, SOLD - probably be willing to throw this in with something else if you ask nicely
    SnapNType, SOLD - includes all original packaging, documentation, etc.
    Travel Charger for Prism, SOLD - I would assume this also works with the Pro
    Handspring Backup Springboard Module, SOLD
    MemPlug SmartMedia Springboard, SOLD - includes original packaging and documentation
    Eyemodule 2, SOLD - includes software, documentation, and aluminum case (which is somewhat worn)
    Vaja Black Leather Case with belt clip for Prism, SOLD - sync hole cut larger on bottom to stop tear, otherwise in excellent condition (still smells great!)
    Pentopia Chameleon Stylus, SOLD - nice blue-tipped stylus includes a smooth pen under a cap
    Visor USB HotSync Cable, SOLD
    Black GrinderGear Scout, SOLD
    Magellan GPS Companion Springboard, SOLD - includes software and documentation
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    Reasonable offers that aren't too entertaining will be entertained!
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    I'll take the USB cable for $10. Will make payment as soon as you confirm it's mine. Thanks.

  4.    #4's yours. I still have one more!
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    Payment is on its way!

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    I'll take the Visor USB HotSync Cable, $10

    Black GrinderGear Scout, $15

    Spare styli, $4 each -1 green

    Would you take $25 for all? (Pretty please, with molasses on top?)

    "I am a debtor both to Greeks and to Barbarians, both to the wise and to the foolish."
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    Still looking for some weekend 'entertainment'
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    Added a few more goodies to the list tonight...
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    Will the leather case work with the MemPlug (SM) attached?

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    The Vaja case is the only one that would work, and it is currently pending a sale.
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    Is the Prism Travel Charger the clip with a cord or just one attatched unit? If you didn't get what i asked could you possibly post a pic, thanks.

    Don't Worry It's Human Nature To Point Out The Obvious
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    I'll try to explain it since I can't get a picture posted right now. It is all one piece, the plug/transformer on one end, with about a 3 ft. cord attached to the Prism connecter on the other end.
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    Is it the Handspring charger?
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    I will buy it from you, send me you Snail mail and i'll send the MO for $10. My E-mail is Thanks
    Don't Worry It's Human Nature To Point Out The Obvious
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    hey, do you still have it for sale? maybe you can keep it on hold so my 'rents can get it for me for christmas....thanks
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    I'm selling a lot of this so I can do some shopping myself! The only way I could really hold it right now, is if you literally had a check in the mail, otherwise, I want to get all of this moved out.
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    well, let me speak to my pops tonight about it...and i can give you an answer later. im also wanting to buy a snowboard this im not totally sure

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    damn. didn't see the pentopia stylus added.

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    Lowered several prices this morning, and there is still plenty to go around!
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    I'd also be willing to trade something for an OmniRemote Springboard if someone has one.
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