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    This is an awsome price, it's new and not a refurb from what i can see. It's a price roll back..and a 70 dollar drop is pretty sweet. Heres the link so you can check it out yourselves. Walmart
    Gonna pick myself up one for the Color cover and as replacment parts for my VPL
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    Sometimes you just don't have any luck....
    I checked the deal yesterday and sure enough, there it was... all colors available and only 99.-!!!
    So I ran to my Walmart and of course they didn't have it.
    Well, no prob, I'll just order through their website, right?
    Got back to it this morning and lookahere - the price has changed to $168.42!!!!!
    I just hope many of you acted faster than I did. Oh well...
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    Ouch, good thing i changed my mind. I wanna go with the Prism instead. Oh well, what's gone is gone. Was a good deal though
    Don't Worry It's Human Nature To Point Out The Obvious
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    Doh! The Visor Solo is still $69.99 though.
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