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    Functionally works great but the face plate is chipped right near the power button. Would make a great second unit or perfect for a GPS or MP3 player where you don't want to expose your good Visor to damage.

    Make me an offer.
    No more rhymes...and this time I mean it!
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    got a picture (so i can see the chip)?
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    I don't know how to attach a picture
    No more rhymes...and this time I mean it!
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    Hey Jackets Fan:

    Reply to the message, and when you're on the Post Reply screen, at the bottom of the screen (after Your Reply and Options) there is an Attach File box. It will open a browse window for your machine; hunt down the picture and click OK. Then submit the reply.

    BTW - Has anyone offered yet? A replacement case can be as low as about $16.

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    Here is the picture...

    No one has made me anoffer yet and I know you can purchase a new faceplate but to be honest I went out and bought myself a Clie 760 which blows my Deluxe out f the water!

    BTW, you are pretty helpful for an Avs fan, thanks. I have Tanguay, Skoula, and Hejduk on my fantasy team...they have been killing me the past week! Another goal and assist from Satan tonight...YES!
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    No more rhymes...and this time I mean it!
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    Still selling it?

    Give me a price range you're looking for. I'd make an offer, but I don't want to insult you (or get laughed at )


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    Originally posted by davecombs
    A replacement case can be as low as about $16.

    Where did you find this? I went to Handspring's site, but they want a lot more.

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    Replacement cases can be found at and probably other places. You're right, HS wants more, but they're OEM factory originals. I posted elsewhere that these cases have GHT's logo on the front; they appear to be reproduction cases, and I'll say that I have not looked at or gotten one, so of course let the buyer beware. But if they go to the trouble of doing this, I'd think they're trustable.
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    I don't mind so much about the logo--just want a little extra protection.

    [Edit: The 15$ ones are chrome(ish)! Sweet!]

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