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    Selling 4 for handspring/palm III
    4 for pocket pc
    4 for palmV

    all are new and from a "pda survival kit"

    I just don't need them for much.

    I tried to put them up on ebay but Bill Warman (ask around if you don't know who he is) went nuts and had the auction ended...

    I was looking to get $4 ea, but go ahead and make a deal.

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    How would a resale of those apply? If he makes money off of Concept Kitchen for each WriteRight sold, wouldn't he have already made his money when they were sold brand new?
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    from what i understand his patent doesn't specifically apply to writeRIGHTS so he gets no money from Fellowes or Belkin (for their screen protectors). Instead he harasses folks like me...


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