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    This is the first generation with the hard disk drive (not SSD). I have never experienced any of the overheating issues or core shutdown problems that some initially reported. I have run OSX, Vista, and Windows 7 on the notebook without problems. I take care of my things so this is in excellent condition. Here are the specs:
    • 13.3" LED backlit TFT widescreen display; 1280x800
    • 80GB ATA (ZIFF) Hard drive
    • Intel Core 2 Duo P7500 (1.6 GHz w/800MHz FSB)
    • 2GB 667MHz DDR RAM
    • Airport Extreme (Wifi) - a/b/g/draft-n
    • Built-in iSight (WebCam) with 640x480 resolution
    • Backlit keyboard and mousepad with support for multi-touch gestures
    • Oh, and it weighs 3 lbs and is between .16 and .76" thick.
    It comes in the original box with these original accessories:
    • Install Discs
    • Micro-dvi to d-sub adapter
    • Micro-dvi to DVI adapter
    • Magsafe adapter (power)
    Included "extra" accessories:
    • USB Super-drive (DVD Burner)*
    • * the superdrive cable is beginning to fray on one end. This does not affect the drive's performance. The apple store told me that if the drive were to stop working I would receive a replacement drive under the AppleCare agreement.
    • USB NIC (for wired networking)
    • Extra magsafe power adapter
    • AppleCare (covers the MBA and all accessories)
    • AppleCare Status Expires April 25, 2011

    Apple charges $1000 plus tax and shipping for the refurb of this model with none of the extra accessories. I'm including the SuperDrive ($100 new), the NIC ($29 new), the extra Magsafe ($79 new), and nearly 2 years of Applecare ($100). I'm selling this for $1100 total. This includes fast shipping with insurance. Please contact me if you have any questions. My ebay user ID is the same as my name here if you want to check my feedback.

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    Price drop to $1050 - gotta get this moved!
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    Last chance! Entertaining offers before it goes to e-bay.
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    Man if you could go as low as 650 you got urself a deal! Nice MBA, how is the hinge on it? Good luck with the sale.

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