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    Used Palm Vx. Good condition.

    Only real problem with it is the power button problem that most Palm V's have - comes a little loose. You just have to press it down firmly and it still works. Keeps the unit from turning on randomly! It hasn't bothered me a bit.

    Serial cradle/charger and stylus included. I can probably find the manuals too.

    Looking to buy an Edge, so if I can get a reasonable deal selling this, I'll probably accept.

    If you're interested, toss me an email offer.

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    How about $100?
    Phil Teves
    'Jesus is the Way'
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    Well, my brother decided that he wanted the Vx, so it's sold and I bought a 505.

    I still have a Stowaway Keyboard for Visor and a 33.6 springboard modem from Handspring that I might be willing to get rid of for a reasonable price (separately).

    You can contact me at:


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    YGM on the Stowaway... Thanx!

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