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    I have an old SERO 500 plan that I am no longer using, so it is now for sale. If you don't know what the plan is, included services are listed below. The contract expires 5/12/2010 so the account is only eligible for a $75 discount on a new handset at this time. I am asking $100 OBO for me to TOL the line to you. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions!

    SERO F&F 500
    Monthly Charge: $30 + Tax
    500 Mins
    Caller ID
    Adjustable Anytime Minutes
    Call Waiting
    Three-way Calling
    Nationwide Long Distance Included
    Unlimited Night & Weekend Mins. Included
    Nights: 7PM
    Unlimited Mobile to Mobile (pcs to Pcs)
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    i member my zero plan... ohhhh that was back in the day untell sprint screwed it up
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    I know the plan is not Pre compatible, but still... No interest in an old SERO plan??
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    I can't send you a PM. Please let me know if the plan is still available, I'm interested.
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    What was the site that people could sell their old phone plans
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    dang, if i wish i could have done a TOL and make some money i would've done it before converting that account to Everything Plus Referral Program so i can have the Pre...
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    I have a old Sero 1250 plan, if anyone interested let me know. Maybe able to get them to bring it down to 500 minute plan, just let me know if that's what you wanna do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nojok3 View Post
    What was the site that people could sell their old phone plans
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    Sorry I forgot to mention but this is already sold. Thanks for the interest though.

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