looking for 375 for all of this - i bought one on june 6th, day it came out, then had it swapped out less than 3 weeks ago because of a screen dud, so new one is mint condition, put the invisible shield on the back already because it's mostly resting on its back, and have the kit for the front (spray, shield and squeegee)

...and sprint is nimbits, when i swapped phone they wound up giving me an extra wallcharger/cable thing, so you get an extra one with this - which is awesome, leave one in wall and other in your laptop or whatever...

also bought the car charger for the palmpre which is very nice, charges fast, but obviously have zero use if i'm selling the pre, right?

have original box too, and all of that manuals stuff...

don't get me wrong, i love the phone, but my son has one too and he kinda talked me into getting it...it's too gadgety for me, i just need email and that's about it, and i already have two blackberries, so gonna go back to one of those (selling the other too, a mint curve 8330 in titanium with a sweet rubberized case for 150, which is a ridiculous steal)

so yeah, if you're interested, send me a PM and then i'll send my email to you and we can go from there..i'm in BOSTON so if you're local, total bonus or otherwise we can figure out some kind of paypal shipping type of thing...

so this is:
- palmpre, about 16 days old
- extra wall charger/cable thing (w/plug, not just the cable)
- car charger
- invisible shield (back is on already, front is not on yet, still in package)
- asking 375 (plus shipping if you're not in boston)