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    *FOR SALE*
    Handspring Prism great condition, all of the usual included (cradle, software, etc.). Also high quality Handspring case (black leather with brass post-closure), very compact travel charger, and MemPlug compact flash adaptor Springboard module. Ill even include an 8Mb CF card. Total value for everything is around ~$400. Id like $200 shipped.


    Lou Kidder
    Minneapolis, MN
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    Prism has been sold.
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    YGM? what does that stand for? mc? whats taht
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    YGM = You've Got Mail <insert bad AOL impression here>.

    The buyer has contacted the seller directly to discuss terms. It's also faster to send the seller a direct email because they'll probably get it before they check back on the VisorCentral message boards.

    mc is probably mensachicken, a righteous VC minion.

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