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    Unfortunately, I have to sell my palm pre. I love love love this phone, but I have to sell it because I can no longer use it. I purchased myself a nice plastic rubberized case that snaps on to protect the phone and have the box along with all the accessories that came with the phone. Long story short, I am a third party sprint dealer and purchased this phone for myself on my dealer plan. At first it worked great but then I noticed the slider was too loose on this phone. I got a new one through Palm's warranty service thats perfect. Sprint now decided that they don't want to allow dealer plans to have the pre anymore, and they wont let me ESN swap to my new pre. I paid full retail price for this phone so my loss is your gain. I really wish I could keep this phone but its not worth switching plans for me. Anyways enough about my sob story, let me know if you interested. The phone palm sent me is BRAND NEW never been used and has a clear ESN. My loss is your gain, I paid close to full price for this phone and I am only asking 400 shipped. I live in orange county CA and would rather sell this locally so I can deal in cash (ill lower the price if it is sold locally). Thanks
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    Would you still be ok to ship it outside the US ?
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    No sorry, I plan on selling this to the lower 48 states only. Thanks

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