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    I'm a trusted seller here, I've sold quite a bit of items on ppcgeeks, howardforums, etc and have never had a problem. PM me for the members that bought the items and their feedback. I'm trusted and I ship right when you order and you'll have it in 2-3 business days! FIRST COME FIRST SERVE. Also please check on ebay and see how much money everything is marked down. Look through the whole post, theres other items that are available. PM With Offers. These are already considerably marked down.


    I have THREE Touch Pro's (Sprint) in great condition. Two are refurbished and One is used.
    All TP's are 8/10 Condition, if not better.

    First Touch Pro (refurbished):
    It comes with: OEM Case, Sprint Leather Case, Headphones, EXTRA Battery, USB, Wall Charger, All Books and the CD, extra sync cable. $250

    Second Touch Pro (refurbished):] $230
    Everything that came in the box (all original) with an extra sylus. Great condition.

    Third Touch Pro (used): $215
    It only comes with Headphones and car/wall charger. Great condition.

    I have TWO iPod Touch's (16GB) One is 1st gen, one is 2nd Gen:
    Comes with all original items.

    First Gen: $150
    2nd GEN: $180

    I also have a iPod Nano (the one that plays video) Make Offer:
    Comes with all Original Items.

    I have a Sprint Air card Compass 597 by Sierra Wireless with all original items (barely used) $65.00:

    Sprint Lotus.. GREAT condition... Comes w/ everything: $150.00

    Sprint Motorola Renegade V950. Great condition. Comes w/ everything $150.00:

    Sprint Samsung Rant Used in great condition $80.00:
    Comes with two back cases and all original items.

    Dell Axim X51V Great Condition $130:
    Comes with Outlet Charger and USB Sync cord

    Make offers, buy more then one and get a deal, etc. I'm sure you all get the idea
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    Had offers on the ipod touch's, one tp and nano, no one is 100% yet, so keep em coming!

    Also remember, its the first person to make a good offer, and confirm 100% that they want the product. So please don't be upset if you make an offer, and you don't get back to my response in time.

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