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    Moved to Sony Platform-want to sell the following (everything in excellent condition, with boxes, software, manuals, etc.)

    Visor Prism, serial & usb cradles, 2-8 mb modules, travel charger, usb hotsync cable, Startac to Prism cellphone cable, Xircom 56k modem module, Eyemodule 2 digicam, Stowaway keyboard, Memplug SM, Memplug CF with 64 mg card, USB CF card reader, Handspring Deluxe case, 6 styli, misc. Writerights.

    What else is there? All for $400.00 or best offer. Paypal and I will ship.

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    Don't Worry It's Human Nature To Point Out The Obvious
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    damn good deal scott...

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