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    I ended up with 3 Palm Pre batteries from doing exchanges and I don't need that many. lol. I need some cash to buy a car charger so PM me an offer (no low ballers please), thanks. If someone has an oem palm car charger and cable (3453WW) I would take that for trade.
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    How much are you asking for one extra OEM Battery?
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    They are $40 on precentral so I was thinking $30 (plus shipping) is fair. That is why I would trade for the car charger.
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    I've got an OEM car charger that I'd trade for the battery. Let me know if interested.
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    Is it the official palm car charger (cigarette adapter and usb cable)? I don't want the sprint or off brand one
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    Yes, it is the official Palm car charger which includes both the adapter and the cable. FYI, the cable is about half as long as the one that is included with the OEM wall adapter.

    PM sent.

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