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    Check the Targus Web Site for more info on the unit.

    I've had this about 5 months. Includes the battery pack so that you can use the unit without the Visor. Also includes the original Targus CD which has the software that allows you to import the audio to your desktop PC.

    Price: $30
    Shipping: $5 to anywhere in the 50 states (USA only)
    TOTAL: $35

    I've sold here before, a soundsgood springboard module to dietrichbond, which he is really enjoying.

    Reason for price reduction = I noticed today that the lid for the battery compartment on the battery pack has a small problem. When it is closed, it is secure and there is no problem. But when it is open, the lid can sometimes come off because one side of the hinge has a broken knob. Again, when you close the lid, it SECURELY stays in place, since the closing mechanism is at the bottom, away from the hinges. Of course, when you use this springboard in the Visor (which you'll be doing most of the time anyway), then this is not an issue at all since you won't be needing the separate battery pack.
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    Hey, I can't remember how many minutes it will record.


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    Originally posted by busesrkool
    Hey, I can't remember how many minutes it will record.


    In standard mode (6.8 kbit/s), it can record about 90 minutes.
    In high quality mode (34 kbit/s), about 18 minutes.

    For most vocal audio, the standard mode is great. If you're recording music, you might want to use high quality mode.

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    price reduced.
    small change in description.

    original post edited.
    see above.

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    If nobody wants it ... I'm gonna have to eBay it ... so lemme know ASAP.

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    Okay, I can't resist any longer.


    Please email with details.
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    If busesrkool can't follow through for whatever reason, please give me a call at!
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    so sorry to both ... already sold ...

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