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    I did some snooping via the web:

    it Looks like Jason Eric Cuellar moved in with a Ms. Melisa Cuellar

    He has a felony charge for theft and 3 traffic violations.

    He was also sued because him and his gf didn't pay rent.

    Sounds like a model citizen.
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    I found out what his felony was:
    trafficking in stolen goods

    She printing out all this info...i'll try to scan it and get it to you guys.

    Time to air out his dirty laundry.
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    I can do that. How do I delete my post?
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    This guy is really grade A stuff:
    he was ordered to pay about $19,000 in restitution back in 2005
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    Quote Originally Posted by Prepopscience View Post
    I can do that. How do I delete my post?
    Just click edit "delete post"
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    Thanks buddy.
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    Do you have people in on this Doug?
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    Just finished my online complaint.
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    Nice RIck. Check your PM.

    I'll see if there is anyone else I could put down on my police report.
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    Cool Thanks bud!
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    Doug check your PM. I didn't do a police report. I made a report with the Internet Crime Dept. Ran by the FBI.
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    Looks like Jason may be in a world of sh** pretty soon ;-) Give him what he deserves.
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    Oh and in case anyone was wondering....


    Godbless america. Enjoy:
    Public Records:
    Name: Jason Eric Cuellar
    <Edited by ronbo2000 per TOS compliance>

    Court Records:
    Charges Filed Date: 11/27/2001
    Diposition: 12/26/2001
    Offense Charged: Lap and SHoulder Belts Required (tsk tsk)

    Charges Fled Date: 08/03/2000
    Diposition 09/01/2000
    Offense Charged: Drive W/ License Suspended/Revoked/Cancelled; DUI
    Offense Diposition: Plea Guilty/Resp sent imposed

    And the most obvious this guy has been doing this in a while:
    Number of counts/crime: 2
    Offense Charged: THEFT
    Class of offense: FELONY
    Release Order: Trafficking of Stolen Property
    $18,873 paid in restitution to the State of Arizona.
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    Holy Jeebus!
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    Filed my FBI report.

    Hopefully something happens here. I am PMing everybody else who was defrauded by this man on other forums.
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    Did you include my info as a victim?
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