Earlier this morning I posted a message in the '@%&$#ing Expensive' thread (http://discussion.visorcentral.com/v...threadid=18925). Since the graphic in my .sig is pulled from my own web server, it shows up in my server logs whenever somebody views it from the VC message boards.

I usually don't pay much attention to who's looking at my page (or in this case, an image from my server), but I thought it was neat to see Handspring.com show up in the list.

My logs show 17 hits from Handspring.com as of 12:00 this afternoon, and that's just from that one thread - It's good to know Handspring does follow some of the discussions on message boards related to their products. (and I'm sure they're following Visor geek comments on the newly announced Treo with great interest!)

Thanks, Handspring!