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    I have this thing: I always think that all/any Customer Services is bad. As a matter of fact Palm replaced my Palm V a couple of years ago, in less than a week, but...

    I've filled the form on the Handspring Support site twice, and got no reply so far. The paint in my Prism is fading away on the touch points. I think this is a problem with the Prism model.

    Alas, no response, and what's much worse: Handspring pulled out the Australian and New Zealand websites. They return 404 (Notfound) and the links from the Handspring main site are gone.

    What can I do now? They don't answer the contacts, they removed contact information from these countries, what is going on?

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    Are you using the support form on the web site? Try using the tech support form instead of the Customer Service web form. I know that Technical Support answer their emails within 24 hours or so.

    You may have to go through CS in the US or in Asia to get your unit replaced though.

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