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    same $10/ shipped
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    I wanted to follow up regarding my purchase of this car charger.

    I placed my order late Thursday night (Aug. 13) and made payment then as well (I sent $11.00 via PayPal to help defray the PP tax).

    I had an email shortly thereafter and a followup email when the charger was shipped.

    It arrived today (Aug 17) and it works perfectly.

    Thanks, Trim!

    Great product, great service, and a nice guy.
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    DO you have to trim this to have it fit in the touchstone?
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    i believe you just emailed me, correct?

    Its been confirmed in this thread that yes it works with touchstone.

    Tip must be shaved, yes
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    Ok....but I am still confused about one thing.....

    Sprint (The online store when I go to My Account and under accessories) says model number is PVX8930R

    Yours is KPS200BMCU

    What is the difference?
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    PVX8930R is retail packaging (hard plastic casing)

    KPS200BMCU is actual part number on the charger itself.

    Rest assured, this works perfect for the Pre. -7 pages here with great sucess

    *Needs to be shaved for the touchstone though
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    Allrighty Trim 81 or 99 or whatever!

    I'm putting all my faith in you on this one!


    Thanks for your help, but you haven't replied to my last email
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    just got the email...your a bit paranoid for a measly 10 bucks you know?

    a bit demanding too....
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    Hey now...I was only joking around...jeeze....did you not get the sarcasm? NOTICE THE SMILEY?
    I likey take apart thingies....
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    Another positive experience with Trim and his chargers!! Super fast shipping, great communication and great product.
    Thanks for helping all of us out!!
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    Thank you!

    I ordered for two Sprint Car Chargers on Sunday using PayPal. I got a confirmation email later that day from trim.

    I got them Thursday!

    We are using both and they work perfectly. These are the same chargers that we have bought from the Sprint store for $31.99. We have also tested them on our Rant and RAZR.

    The Sprint Car Chargter draws 0.85 A at 12V from the car so that is the full 1000 mA that the Palm Pre needs. Be careful not to get a charger that is not 0.85A x 12 V.

    Thank you!

    - Craig
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    Well Done Trim!

    Received my charger yesterday....trimmed down a little and it fits and works perfectly.

    Sorry I gave you so much trouble, and Thanks again!
    I likey take apart thingies....
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    cool, thanks for the feedback guys.

    To everyone else, I have lots more just email me or refer to the OP for paypal info.

    Thanks, and Bofa is preferred method of payment.
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    Received charger and it works perfectly once I learned to read the part about shutting the screen off before plugging it in.

    Sorry if this was answered before, but is this an issue with Palm or just car chargers in general?

    Thanks for the great deal and fast shipping!
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    My second great review for Trim here!
    Just received my Palm Home Charger and this one also works great. Super fast shipping, another A+++++ Transaction with Trim.
    Thanks again!
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    Thanks for the review.

    I actually prefer this home charger myself, did you notice the extra long length on the OEM home charger?

    It was designed well from Palm
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    i got both of mine 2 days after payment!

    Only question is when I plug my phone in the charger that I bought from sprint I dont have to power anything down. It will start to charge on its own.

    In the instructions it says to power off the screen then plug in. Is there a reason we have to do this?
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    Honestly, I dont know..all I know is it works with the screen off first.

    I have a feeling its something with the Pre itself drawing too much current with the screen on, and sometimes with programs or data running.

    The palm pre car chargers in general are EXTREMELY picky, and I can honestly say not all sprint chargers are made alike as well. Even the ones from monoprice have discrepancies and the OEM Palm branded ones will vary as well. (check the accessories thread to read more from users)

    All I know is, for my chargers, I hand test each unit prior to shipment, so it is GUARANTEED to work...and will not have trouble keeping up with Navi, Pandora, or phone calls during the charging
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    hey any available? And are this chargers the plam slim ones or the sprint branded?
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