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    sent you an email for local pickup
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    Got mine a while ago. Works great, thanks.
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    still for sale?
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    yes email me (look at the OP for the address)
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    How do I order one from you by going to the Bank of America?
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    Email me and I will provide my bofa ac**** number


    Trim 99 @
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    I bought a car charger and it works great. I would definitely buy from trim again, and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a cheap car charger. Thanks again trim
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    Hi All, thanks for the emails and thanks.

    As already mentioned, no need to email and ask me if I still have them....yes I do (paypal/email the address in the Original Post #1)

    Thanks again, and if you need more, shoot me an email.

    PS- this weekend's orders (Sat and Sun of this weekend has been shipped
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    I got mine a couple of days ago and it works really great! Thanks Trim81!
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    I just sent in $31.80 for 3 (3 x $10 + 6% paypal tax).

    One in each car and a backup to keep at home. I have found chargers to be pretty important, so I like to a backup when one of them breaks.

    Thanks trim81 .... is there a chance you can order touchstones in bulk too???
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    @wilderf, got the payment will ship asap.

    thanks for the extra fees!

    i cannot get touchstones at the moment, but I will defnitely post a new thread if I get the hookup on that.
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    I'm curious. Is this charger longer than Palm's version? Cause their cord is only 2.5ft long and I'm not able to have it plugged in and talking at the same time. The cord is too short.
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    they are about the same in length ~2.5 ft

    this one (sprint) is coiled, so it can be extended not sure about the Palm one
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    I will be ordering tonight.

    Thanks for doing this, trim.
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    Ordered on Monday, got it yesterday (Thursday). Not bad for cross-country USPS. Works great! Great Deal! Thanks.
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    Just received mine today and so far it works great. Just follow the directions that are included with the charger. It does make a difference.
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    Would you be able to get wall chargers? for extra touchstones
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    I have palm oem chargers from the treo pros/800ws... New and works perfect for the Pres

    1000ma chargers

    I personally use the these home chargers instead, because a) they are palm oem and b) the length is much longer than the original Pre supplied. (about 4 times longer)

    I will get a pic up when I have time, its the Palm OEM charger for the 800w I believe...only have about 10 though

    home charger looks like this (with palm branded stickers on the cable)

    Last edited by trim81; 08/15/2009 at 03:27 PM.
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    I messed up on 1 order and sent someone an EXTRA charger (2 for the price of 1)...whoever it was, you can keep it...but can you please PM me and let me know

    *it was an order paid some time Mon 8/10 - Wed 8/12;

    this is for my record keeping

    appreciate it, thanks
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    trim, how much are you selling the Palm OEM wall chargers for?
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