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  1. #81 deposited $20 in Trim81 BOA account on Saturday morning and received 2 chargers TUESDAY. This is totally legit. Great deal and fast shipping!

    Thanks!!!! Would definitely recommend buying from him if your in need of the Sprint chargers!~
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    Sent $21.20 to paypal for 2 chargers tues nite (don't mind covering the paypal fee). Wrote me at 1am that nite that they're shipped USPS. received 'em either yesterday (Thurs) or today... Always promptly wrote back to my questions. And yes they work just fine.

    Interesting that Trim includes written recommendation that you should plug in while in sleep mode (dark screen) and then turn it on. I don't have issues with my palm OEM wall charger, but i have a motorola micro-usb charger in my office doesn't always charge my Pre, even when it says it is. But since plugging in my motorola charger while in sleep mode, it charges every time! Didn't see that tip elsewhere on precentral.

    Thanks Trim.

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    I'm sorry, I accidentally hit "submit" before adding a note, but Transaction #8AN94884C60892628 was me. My verified address is fine, and I obviously only ordered one.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Quote Originally Posted by pezdukie View Post
    I'm sorry, I accidentally hit "submit" before adding a note, but Transaction #8AN94884C60892628 was me. My verified address is fine, and I obviously only ordered one.

    Thanks in advance!
    shipped. thanks
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    After reading about other's success purchasing from Trim81, I decided to send a Paypal request around 10pm July 15th. The charger arrived today and I plugged it in and it started charging. I will report back once I've had the opportunity to use the charger further but thus far I will say it was a great deal and super fast shipping!!!

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    fyi.. what ive noticed.. it may be just my phone.. but all apps need to be closed and phone on sleep mode for the charge to start.

    (ie. if i have music player running in the background.. and i put phone on sleep mode.. and try to plug in.. charge wont start)
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    the initial plug-in charge will require the screen to be idle and off.

    after the first plug in, you are free to use it for calls, music, nav etc etc and charge while doing your business.

    its the nature of these sprint oem chargers, however, if you have a touchstone, it should work regardless of idle or not.
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    Got my charger.

    First, I want to say that Trim is very quick at sending these things. It's nice to be able to get a real Sprint charger for only $10 shipped... and get it in only a couple of days.

    Second (and this has nothing to do with Trim), I found that the charger did not work at all when plugged into a 3-port car power strip. No lightening bolt. However, when plugged directly into the car's power jack, it worked well. In my 20 minute commute, I was able to listen to Pandora the whole trip AND get about 8-10% charge (went from about 50% to about 60% charge). This seems fast. And it contrasts with the prior charging solution (the "cheap" option that was posted here using Meritline items for under $4) where this same test yielded a DROP in battery of about 10%.

    So, good charger (as long as you give it enough power), good price, good seller.
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    First of all Trim81, thanks for sharing some an awsome deal w/ us and providing such an awsome purchasing experience. Purchasing online is always a very hairy experience.

    On Thursday, 7/16/09, I went down to my local BofA and deposited $20 (purchasing 2 chargers, couldn't help it, it was a great deal) to the account that was given to me from Trim81. Notified Trim of my deposit via my Palm Pre via email just before leaving the bank. Before I could drive out of the parking lot I had already received a response from Trim81 verfying the deposit and that he would be shipping out the chargers asap. The very next morning I wake up to find an email from Trim saying that the chargers have been shipped. Monday, 7/20/09, I check the mail and low and behold my chargers are already here.(See pics attached) Of course I'm anxious to try them out I tear into the package to find my 2 new chargers & homemade instruction from Trim81. Of course I head out to the car to test my chargers per the instructions provided and voila! They work just as they should.



    7/21/09 - This morning I tested out one of two chargers I received. I live about 35 miles from work and it takes me about 40-45min to get to work depending on traffic. I plug my charger & phone in per instruction, set my favorite online streaming music, dial in my work address on the navigation and start my drive into work. My starting charge is 69%. I stopped by the local coffee shop drive thru so this added a little more time, about 50-55min before getting into work. My final charge after arriving to work and shutting down everything was 88%.

    Conclusion -
    If your looking for a car charger that's going to charge while playing all of your fun stuff your pre is capable of playing, this is the charger to buy. An OEM Sprint car charger at $10 each, great service, fast shipping....does it get any better than that?....Well ok, FREE is better but nothing is ever free! LOL!
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    Got my charger today. Thanks for the great transaction! The charger works great and delivery time was nice and jiffy as everyone else has suggested already.

    Can't beat this service/product for $10. Thanks again!
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    Got 2 of em with no issues. Thanks!
  12. d94
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    thanks bro recieved and workin great!
    palm pro > visor > m100 > visor prism > clie sl30 > zire 71 > dell X5 > toshiba E755 > clie NX70 > ipaq 2200 > Treo 700w (verizon) > Treo 700wx (sprint) > Treo 755p (sprint) > HTC Mogul > HTC Diamond > HTC Touch Pro > Pre
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    Sent Paypal payment on Sunday. Got a payment confirmation e-mail almost instantly.

    Woke up to another e-mail monday morning saying my charger shipped.

    Charger came in the mail today (thursday) and works perfectly.

    Thank You, Good Sir.
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    Great transaction! Received them both and they both work.. Are these refurbs though? Only reason I ask is that one of mine is scuffed and scratched like it has been used for awhile. None the less, they both work and were a great value. Great shipping, communication, and overall a great buying experience.. Buy from him! Thanks Trim
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    if need-be i can swap them out

    none are refurbs, all new.

    reason being is because all are OEM, not retail packaging, and thrown in huge bins (1000 piece plus bins) must have rubbed against one another.
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    Thought I had a bad one and got in contact with Trim. Excellent communication and we actually discovered the charger was fine. Highly recommended
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    got a 500 piece new shipment in today, plenty left to go around.

    thanks everyone whom ordered from me, and those that paid last night and today...all orders are shipped just now.

    expect it in the mail shortly
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    Do you have any left?
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    Yup email me (read the OP)
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    I want to order a charger, but I'm new and apparently I don't have enough posts to pm you. Also I live in 626 area code, so I was wondering if I could pick one up and pay you cash. Pm me, or email me at anarchyburger8t8 at
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