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    Trim! I still have that defective charger. Sprint won't replace it without a receipt and you haven't answered my e-mails or PM's. I'm sorry to have to post here but I don't know what else to do.

    Please take care of this.
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    Yes I have been recieving your emails and PM, your purchase has been made sometime in november or December of 2009 (I forget the exact date...but I can look it up if needed in Paypal)

    This has been SO LONG now, and asking me to warrant the charger for 5-6 months is uncalled for.

    I do not think I can exchange it, being 5-6 months in.

    If there were issues, we could have taken care of this within the first 1 week or so.

    Even Best Buy or Sprint have a 14 day return Policy, and this doesnt even come close.

    Its not fair for me.

    I will pm you
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    Obviously there are details you've omitted. There we indeed issues but you asked me to resolve them through a Sprint store, which I tried to do (unsuccessfully). However, since you're accepting the charger back for a refund the issue has been resolved satisfactorily so no more needs to be said.
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    I emailed you and sent you a PM and haven't heard anything. Are you still around?
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    YUP still here.

    havent been on the forums lately, been car shopping.

    sent you my bofa acct # now. deposit the $$ and I will mail a new one out tommorrow morning.

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    Got my car charger last night. Modded it and it is now powering the touchstone in my car. Thanks Trim for helping us all out.
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    What has to be modded? It does not fit the car charger without doing something?
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    The plastic for the USB is too big for the hole in the Touchstone.
    If you aren't using a TS in your car, this charger works perfectly with the Pre.
    I've had mine (from Trim) since around Christmas, and it is working great.
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    correct- the tip (plastic) is a bit thick to be insered into the touchstone.

    so if you wish to use it on a touchstone, you will have to shave it some... (very easy, use a razor blade)

    if you do not need it for a touchstone, then it's an oem (original) harger for the Palm Pre and no shaving is needed . Simply plug and play.

    BTW- thanks jac-3 for the reply.

    I haven't been on the forums much lately, been busy with some life changing events (good ones). But I still log on once a day because I cannot get away from my beloved Pre and precentral

    I still have plenty of chargers available, both home and car chargers. $10 ea

    refer to post #1 for ordering details.

    Thanks again to all whom supported me. Been on this forum (and treocentral) for over 4-5 years now, and I am the biggest Palm F$anboy there is
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    Hi, just to tell, yesterday I got a wall charger and a car charger, I just want to say Thanks!!!

    Both chargers work as intended, they're rated at 1000mA, and work excellent!!!

    Thank you for the trouble!
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    NuttyBunny's chargers were shipped to MEXICO, which was delivered fine.

    I am now open to ship out of country (non USA) as well.

    ----of course you pay shipping. So out of country folk's feel free to email me or pm me for shipping costs

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    made a trade with trim and received my charger in three days! very quick shipping and a nice guy!
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    Just a tip, if your connector wiggles a bit and sometimes won't charge, you can press it a bit with some pliers. Not too much pressure or you'll ruin the micro usb connector.

    It happened with both connectors, I squished them just a little bit and now they're as good as new again
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    sent my money, got the charger, trimmed it and it works like a charm! On the keystone, it charged 10% in like 4 minutes. Awesome- thanks so much!
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    bumped, lots more available.

    I also had time to test on BB Touch, Curve, and new HTC Sprint EVO --all works fine
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    I found a small problem with the chargers.

    The car charger moves a little on the connector side, and it makes that sometimes it doesn't charge, rendering car charging useless as it's always in motion. I did have this problem once also with the wall charger, but I found the solution.

    Grab some pliers and press just a bit the micro usb charger connector, just a bit so it makes a slight curve, this way the connectors will stick in place and it won't fail again.

    I did this about a week ago and I haven't had the problem since.

    Thanks again!
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    I guess that I'll have to break out the razor or the Dremel but wonder if I need to remove my overclock ipk if I'm going to use the TouchStone very much. I know it tends to heat the Pre and with the 800, I've already got to watch the temps (Much less in the car in the summer)!
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    The new compache kernal from unix does not heat the Pre much...youll be fine. I recommend the compache kernal

    Many users have the touchstone with the car charger hooked up with an overclocked Pre and they are fine.

    --Just monitor your Pre however, and if you find it too hot, remove it for 10 minutes from the touchstone
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    well for the price of the car charger this is not a bad price but they dont last long. I had my charger for less then a year and its dead now. It will not charge anyting but I think i may just have to pick up a new one as 10bucks is a good price for this charger. Just wish the light would work to show you its on. that lights stopped working after about 2 weeks and I have had about 4 of these chargers in all and all do the same thing.

    All in all its a good charger that will do what you need. the home charger works great. I no longer have a pre and have an evo now but these chargers still work as its the same hookup. I use these chargers to charge all my phone right now.

    i will have to put my order in for another home and car charger soon.
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    My car charger still works, I use it everyday. The funny thing is that the lights stopped working also, but it still charges at full speed

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