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    jod: sorry didnt get your message until now.. pm sent

    next time, email me for fastest I am not always at a computer checking precentral. (fyi for everyone else to, to email me me, and not PM)


    trim 99 @ <--no spaces
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    My question is kinda out there, but do you know if this will work with the Blackberry Tour as well? It uses the same connection, but I don't want to take any chances that I will ruin my Tour (gf's phone).
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    yes, works 100% for the BB Tour <---brother uses one on his Tour, so I can confirm

    --Also, I believe it works perfectly fine for an HTC Hero/DROID as well. (as long as the connector is usb micro, it will work fine)
  4. #244 chargers, that is.

    Just sent payment via paypal.
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    will ship asap
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    payment send for home charger.thanks
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    Quote Originally Posted by trim81 View Post
    yes, works 100% for the BB Tour <---brother uses one on his Tour, so I can confirm

    --Also, I believe it works perfectly fine for an HTC Hero/DROID as well. (as long as the connector is usb micro, it will work fine)
    Thanks for your reply. Just sent you money for the car charger.
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    How hard is it to trim the car charger cord? I don't have a dremel tool to do this.
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    Works great for both my Blackberry tour and my Palm Pre!!!!
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    Bought the wall charger. Works great with the Pre and with the TS. It was shipped really quick. $10 well spent and I will probably order another soon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowhawk View Post chargers, that is.

    Just sent payment via paypal.
    Received the chargers a few days later. Compared to what I was using just prior, mine charged more per hour, as measured by Battery Monitor. The other one I got for my brother, and he has no records with which to frame a comparison. I was using Boxwave's VersaCharger Pro + the Mini-Sync cable (the one with the single micro-usb terminal) and Boxwave's High-Output Car charger plus same Mini-Sync cable, for which Battery Monitor tended to report drain rates of about -16% per hour and 19% per hour.

    That's right, the VersaCharger Pro was charging, and the car charger was at most slowing down the drain. From the trips I for which I recently started keeping records, I mostly had about 4-6 cards open, including the Messaging app (sometimes with the IMs on, sometimes off) and the Music Player Remix app (playing songs), maybe email, maybe tasks, and calendar.

    This Sprint charger, by comparison (only one trip, today, to report), reported a -23.xx% drain under the same approximate load, running for about 30 minutes.

    I'll keep an eye on it with the Battery Monitor.

    I don't know what's been happening, but, when I first got the high output charger, about 6-7 months ago, I was able to run pandora and navigation and it would totally keep up with the drain and even charge it a little bit. It just totally hasn't been keeping up over the last month and more.

    So far, based on having it in my car for one drive, I'm way pleased.
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    Ordered another car charger on 2/7 and received it in the mail today 2/10. Pretty darn fast. Thanks again.
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    left you a PM - do yous till have any car chargers left?
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    I see the PM, but I don't have much time to respond to PMs.

    please read the #1 post in this thread, yes I still have them, no need to pm me or asking me if I still do.

    refer to post #1 and we can get the ball rolling

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    got my car and wall charger from trim. Both are connected to my touchstone. Have my TS mounted to the dash of my car and things are working great! Ordered wednesday, got it on friday. In Los angeles, so yeah, close. But just like advertised. It works with the TS.

    thanks trim.
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    Trim was great. Answered many questions before I bought. It arrived while I was away, but it is working awesome in the truck.
    Thanks Trim
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    i'm looking for 2 touchstone back covers..

    anyone willing to trade 1 of each for a car or home charger? Pm me.

    (back cover must be nearly new or new)
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    Received my second one the other day. Works perfect. Quick response and fast shipping.
    Thanks again!
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    still looking for a touchstone back (2 actually)

    Anyone has one willing to trade for a car charger?

    Please let me know

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    Question: Are these the more powerful car chargers that will allow you to run navigation and it will still charge your phone? I have a different one and it seems to consume more than it charges when running navigation. I hope that makes sense.

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