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    All orders paid during this past weekend were shipped this morning. US firstclass. Please post feedback when you guys get them.

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    Got mine Tuesday.....great product and all of them work!!! Thanks a lot!!!
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    Hey, I got my two car chargers great!
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    Contacted "trim81" on Thursday, got a response right away. He sent me a shipment confirmation on Friday. Super fast and easy. 2 home chargers and 1 car charger. They work great. Thanks brutha.
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    just sent you payment via paypal for 2 car chargers
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    What is the amp rating of this charger?

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    Got mine the other day, works great and a great deal.

    Thanks trim!
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    Got my chargers today in the mail. Great communication and fast mail out.

    Thanks trim!
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    Company got a few Pixi's..and we tested these chargers to be 100% fully functional with the Pixi's

    OP updated

    **many many available, thanks to all whom purchased.
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    I ordered a car charger and home charger on Sunday, 12/6 and received them both today, Wednesday, 12/9. I would say that is pretty darn fast. Thanks Trim.
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    user bkbalman: I tried emailing you, but your comcast keeps saying undelivered.

    just fyi: got your order and it has been shipped.
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    Do you have any more Pre car chargers? If so Paypal will be sent for one when you reply to the thread.

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    yes i do; refer to the original post #1 for details
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    Got my chargers yesterday and they work great. Thanks!
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    Just got back on here today, paypal just sent for 1 Pre Charger.
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    sent paypal for 1 charger
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    Quote Originally Posted by agent2099 View Post
    sent paypal for 1 charger
    confirmed will ship asap
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    Im getting a pre in the near future and was wondering if you have enough of these to not order one for a month or so.

    hope all is well.
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    I picked up mine today locally from his bro. Very satisfied well worth the $10bux spent

    Thanks again.
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    I have PM'ed the seller twice in regards to a meet up and have not receiveda response. ???????

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