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    I received 2 car and 1 home charger this week. They were shipped fast and work great. Thanks. Jeff
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    I just ordered 2 more Sprint Pre wall chargers and 1 more Sprint Precar charger!

    I have had great success with all of my chargers so far. Time for more. They also work with RAZR's and the Instinct. We need them everywhere. 3 chargers with you is the same as 1 from Sprint.

    - Craig
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    OP UPDATE: Home chargers came in today via UPS.., feel free to order them via Paypal $10/ea..thanks

    These work 100% with the touchstone, no modding needed.. Plug and play.

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    @ trim,

    Just sent you $10 for one pre car charger.

    PM me (not sure if it shows my address).

    Thank you
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    Received my car charger today, much sooner than i expected. Thanks dude.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WildSioux View Post
    @ trim,

    Just sent you $10 for one pre car charger.

    PM me (not sure if it shows my address).

    Thank you
    shipped, thanks
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    I ordered 3 home chargers and 1 car charger on Monday, October 13. I received them on Friday, October 16. All work flawlessly (which I cannot say about other chargers I have ordered that were suppose to work with our Pres). Thanks so much again.
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    Do you have any more of the car chargers and another thing, Does it just randomly decide to charge on its own? The cheap charger I have right now can charge at any level...even charging when the batt life gets to <5% which sucks. I am intersted i nbuying if it is the car charger pictured with the sprint logo on the first page. Thanks. Rizvend
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    Trim is the real deal! Order these chargers with confidence. I ordered a car charger on Tue 10/13 via paypal echeck which takes longer to clear. Trim emailed later that day and said he was shipping anyways despite the fact he hadn't received payment. I received the charger yesterday 10/17 (coast to coast shipment).

    I tested it out and it works! I haven't tried with my touchstone in my car yet. But I am positive that it will. I have the same car charger bought from sprint store for $34 and it works at .85a.

    I just wish now I would have ordered a wall charger too.

    thanks Trim
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    Trim you have a pm. just need the bofa account info and im ready to order
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    just sent $10 your way for a car charger... looking forward to my shipment. Thanks!!!
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    Got my charger yesterday, works great!

    thanks for the awesome deal
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    great person to buy from. I made a mistake on my address, but he still resent my package at his own cost. Charger works great. Thanks. I may have to order a home charger now.
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    I bought 2 car chargers from Trim. They arrived promptly and continue to work great.

    Trim is a stand up guy, end of story. I'd do business with him again in a heartbeat.
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    Still got the car chargers?? Interested in 2
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    yeah I do, many more
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    I have bought 3 wall and 3 car chargers from Trim and all are going great.

    I have two of the wall chargers connected to Touchstones, one at the office and one on my nightstand and both work great without modification.

    I used one car charger with another Touchstone for months now. I shaved off the plug and posted photos a while ago.

    The others are in use by other in my family.

    All are good.

    - Craig
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    Take it to PM. The next response will get a violation
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    Take it to PM. The next response will get a violation
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    got my car charger, and it works great with and without Touchstone.

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