Trying to get rid of the last few cases that my co-workers and I have collected! Unless noted, these are either 'universal' designs or designed for the Visor Deluxe. Our prices include USPS First-class shipping in the US.

1. Roadwired Medium-size Tech Pouch- sort of a glamorized camera case, it features lots of pockets. Not quite tall enough for a Stowaway, though. ( New- $19.95, mine- $8 shipped.

2. GrinderGear Expedition, blue, with swivel belt loop clip. ( Great condition. New- $44.95. Mine- $20 shipped.

3. GrinderGear BaseCamp, blue, NO swivel belt clip. I cut off the front bungee cord arrangement (it tended to catch on stuff for me). General wear but nothing special. New- $39.95, Mine- $15.

4. RhinoSkin Shock Suit, blue, with swivel belt clip. Some minor wear. Designed for Visor and Deluxe. ( New- $34.95. Mine- $12.

5. BucketBoss PDA/Calculator 'Holster', ( tan with darker trim. Heavy duty spring clip for belt. Nicely padded- a bit big for a 'naked' Visor- have not tried it yet with a Visor in a bumper or similar case or with a Stowaway. I'll try it if anyone asks! Almost new condition. New- $12.99. Mine- $8.

6. Incipio Artic Armadillo Case, Visor Deluxe. ( Like new! New- $26.95, mine- $20.

I will take PayPal (preferred), personal or cashier's checks, or BillPoint. E-mail

Thanks all!