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    Looking to get rid of this phone to upgrade to Blackberry Tour or Touch Pro 2. This phone was used mostly for emergency calls and searching for directions and other information on the net. The phone still has the best skin ever on it. Also, it has one ding on the right side bottom of the phone. Otherwise the phone is in excellent condition. Feel free to ask questions.

    Price: $250 or best offer plus shipping (if you want the original box)
    Payment via Paypal Only

    Items included:
    original case
    best skin ever (already on the device)
    a gel skin
    power cord
    all original packaging from box

    Life calls 70
    Life timer 000123 minutes
    Life data RX 064959 Kb
    Life data TX 09576
    Refurbishment status No
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    you got pm
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    Quote Originally Posted by eb50 View Post
    you got pm
    i didn't get the pm
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    il take it for $210 shipped
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    how about $200 plus shipping
    treo pro
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    will be putting this on ebay later today. asking price is $215 shipping included
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    send me the ebay url please

    eugeneatunh (at) gmail dot com
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    you can get it $210 shipped just let me know and I will pM you the paypal information
    treo pro
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    knowing when the tp2 is coming out and how much it would be would make this decision alot easier...
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    there is no date for it yet. i am going to probably go with the bb tour 9630.
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    even though phone is on ebay I can still make a deal for it here. just let me know.
    treo pro
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    this phone is sold
    treo pro

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