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    It's all for sale! Here's what I've got:

    Blue Visor Deluxe (no cover or slip case)
    USB Cradle (Ice)
    USB Cable
    Backup Module
    Stowaway Keyboard
    Rhodiana Case (with swivel clip)
    Blue stylus deluxe (heavy metal stylus, not the cheap plastic one)
    all for just $100 ! (plus $7 shipping)

    All in great working order
    Stowaway keyboard has one latch not working properly, but does completely fold up and close.
    Visor has small crack near power button, and a little paint fading on power up button. I always used screen protectors to keep the screen pristine!

    I'm selling because I was recently converted to the ranks of Ipaq users (sorry all).
    E-mail me at if you're interested
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    Thanks for all the responses.

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