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    This is a perfect VDX. Screen is in perfect condition used screen protectors since 1st day. No buttons have worn off. This is what I am selling:
    • Graphite VDX
    • About 10 Screen Protectors once I find them in my room
    • Snap Cover
    • Stylus
    • Leather Slip Case
    • USB Hotsync Cradle
    • Getting Started Guide
    • Software CD

    On Ebay this would sell for about $120 or more but you should make me an offer since it could be your lucky day. If you are interested please post here or e-mail me,

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    Following up on the "auction" of a few messages ago, I'll bid $45.

    When does the gavel fall?
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    The auction a few posts ago was started for a non-working one but this one works, just to clear things up.

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    So, is it still available? (I understand about the non-working part - I would have rescinded my bid if I had read that closer.)

    Please let me know.
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    I actually sold it yesterday on for $125.
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    what is I looked there for a Stowaway keyboard, and NEW ones are selling for $115 + shipping. Huh? you can go to any Staples, etc and get a New one for $99.99.

    There are a few used Stowaways, but no great deals.
  7.    #7 is part of ebay but instead of it being an auction the seller sets a price and people can buy it from them for that price. This means that for electronics you need to adjust your prices for the current market.


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