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    This is an almost perfect VDX. Screen is in perfect condition used screen protectors since 1st day. Now for the irony, the screen died yesterday. The unit still turns on a works but doesn't show anything on the screen. This is what I am selling:
    • Graphite VDX
    • Snap Cover
    • Leather Slip Case
    • USB Hotsync Cradle
    • Getting Started Guide
    • Software CD

    Please make me an offer!

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    Ill give you $20.00 (seriously). Let the bidding begin
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    I'll go $30 --

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    Last night I got something on the screen. Now when you turn it on you get black lines of varying thickness across it. Weather this is a bad connection somewhere or a ruined LCD I do not know.?

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    I got it to work see here for more info.

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    I'll go $45.

    When does the proverbial gavel fall?

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