I have a brand new Supplynet Cellular Cable for sale at $30 shipped. The cable cost me $45 shipped 2 months ago, here are some details.

This cable directly connects the Handspring Visor to the following Samsung phones:
SPH-M100, SCH-3500, 6100, 8500, Uproar

No modem required.

Use your current e-mail account to send and receive e-mail.

Receive attachments in Word and Excel format.

Send faxes.

Browse the web.

The cable is in perfect order and comes with instructions to set up your cellphone to browse the web/email. This is probably THE best item I bought for my Visor, it works flawlessly and connects first time. The reason I am selling it is I got a great deal on an Ipaq and I want to play with that a little and buy a cable from supplynet for it. If you have an Ipaq cable I will gladly do a swap!!

Contact me at mail@magohn.com if interested. Thanks.