Hi everybody.

Has anyone ever used Handspring's new First-Year Screen Replacement plan to fix a shattered screen from droppage?

I ask because I've just purchased the plan after talking with the (very helpful and polite) woman at HS cust. service, who assured me that scratches from normal wear-and-tear, drops, etc. were all covered under the plan. Well, what do I do but go on HS's Web site and find that these are some of the things that are said NOT to be covered.

What's going on here? I know that often a company will write out a very restrictive contract to cover their ****, and then choose to be fairly lenient in covering more than they promise. I can only hope that this is the case, since I'm feeling kinda accident-prone this month...

Please share your experiences (positive or negative) with this plan. I'm sure we'd all like to know if it's worth it.