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    Yada Yada service in my area has gotten worse and I can't get a signal anymore. Months went by and no one ever returned my calls and I could never get through. I waited an hour on hold one day last week only to get their answering service in the middle of the day.

    I made it my mission in life to call them and call them in an effort to cancel my service.

    Finally I got through to their support desk, who said the problem might not be the service, it might be the modem. They sent me a new one. I tried it -- it didn't work anywhere I needed to use it. It didn't work in Baltimore, it didn't work in Pennsauken, NJ, it didn't work in Philly, it didn't work in BWI, it didn't work in Annapolis. It didn't even work on Rt 95 anywhere between Philly and Annapolis.

    I had the fun of trying to get a hold of them again. When I did get through, they referred my call up the ladder. Four or five days later, I got a call back.

    I asked for a refund for the past two months. They condescended to give me a one month refund, as if they were doing me a favor. They were totally not interested in the fact that I've been leaving messages for them every few weeks since May -- they claimed that their answering service is only on nights and weekends, and that the service hadn't given them any messages from me.

    I said to the guy, "It's one thing to provide poor service -- networks aren't that reliable and it can't always be helped. But there's no excuse to provide bad customer service."

    How insulting -- to provide shoddy service, and then make it impossible to notify them, and then to imply that I was lying on top of it.

    My modem is going on eBay and I'm buying a new cell phone and a cable from To hell with Yada Yada -- instead of spending $40 a month for non-service, I'll just use my much-cheaper cell phone minutes, of which I always have extra anyway.

    If anyone out there is looking for a wireless solution, don't bother with a Yada Yada module. With the cheap cables now available, it makes a lot more sense to extend your cell phone's usefulness rather than schlepping around a bulky modem that only works when you're standing next to a tower.

    Anyone want to buy a Yada Yada modem? It could make a cool aquarium decoration or an excellent paperweight.

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    YY actually had the nerve to send me an email recently, offering me a "great deal" at almost $40 a month! With all the problems they have? Some deal!! I cannot believe that they are still trying to sign up new members, while abusing their old ones! When they began to go bad,I converted my modem from YY to Omnisky, which works quite well. I'm going to cancel this month, however, since I don't use it enough to justify the cost. I got a cell phone with web/email functions and that works pretty well - when they make a cable for the phone (a new model Motorola) I'll probably get one and use it with the Visor.

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