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    The Bachmann InfraReady Adaptor is a small box that attaches to any printer. A small IR 'eye' is attached to the box by a 30" or so cable. There is also a mounting bracket so you can mount the eye 'permanently'.

    You use Bachmann's PrintBoy Deluxe package to send your addresses, memos, documents, etc. from your Palm-type device to the now-IR ready printer! The InfraReady has its own batteries and is completely self-contained. The actual package is about the size of a typical beeper.

    You can learn more about the device at the site

    The package price for the InfraReady Adaptor and PrintBoy Deluxe is $79.98 (90.24 with shipping).

    I am asking $50, including USPS Priority Mail shipping (with insurance and tracking)!

    You will get the InfraReady Adaptor (batteries included), the 'eye' mounting bracket, a current copy of the software and the registration code (sent via e-mail).

    I only used the device a few times. it works very easily and simply, and the software is very user friendly- and directions are available, if needed, at the website above. Originally, I was planning to use this for printing out various reports and so forth while I was away from the office- but then the project changed (figures, huh?)

    The only downside of this device, in my opinion, is that when it is installed, it takes over the printer port. You cannot leave it in place in an office- but it is very easy to swap this in and out!
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    Oops- I forgot...

    1. I would prefer PayPal, but I will take a personal check or BillPoint.

    2. You can email me at

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    Thank you all!

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