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    Treo 750 / HTC Cheetah for sale. AT&T branded, but not loaded. It's got a clean, no garbage WM 6.0 ROM. Very zippy and capable with the Palm optimizations. Somebody out there is even running a cooked 6.5 on it!

    Screen is in absolutely perfect condition - it's had a screen protector on it from the minute it arrived.

    Body is in great condition as well. Soft-touch paint is perfect. Keyboard is perfect. No cosmetic issues at all. The whole thing was only used a few months.

    Best keyboard ever. Solid. Reliable. Stable. Just works.

    Original instructions
    Original wall charger
    Original sync/charge cable
    OEM cradle that has a spare battery charger - charge both at the same time
    Car charger
    Plantronics Bluetooth headset
    Extra stylus
    Probably a few other things I'm forgetting

    Pics available - PM or e-mail: nwcurt <at> yahoo <dot> com

    With all accessories included I'm looking for $125. That includes free shipping to CONUS. Overseas let me know the details and I'll figure out the cost.

    Thanks for the interest!
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