Hey, check this case out. Its real aluminum, like a soda can! Feels great, and looks even better. Now you can tell your friends you have the 8890 and not the 8290! Dont waste 500 or more bucks on the real thing, or 100 on the cases for sale on EBAY! Their not even the real ones! This ones for real, right out of Hong Kong, for the manufacturer Nokia uses!!!!! This is the real thing everyone.

Ive got silver colored aluminum full conversion and champaign colored full conversion.

Dont pay 100's of dollars on these things, get them here for 60 dollars each, or both for 115!

5 bucks shipping will be added.
I only have 1 torx 6 screw driver, ill give it to you if you buy both, but if you buy one...i charge 5 dollars for it.
I can give you name of the gentleman i order from who can ship one out to you real cheap.

Email me at drakion@airbridge.net if you want more information, or want to buy. Their in mint condition, never used...comes with all the little pieces to put together. Works and looks great!