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    I have a ~6-month old treo that is in great shape (put a screen protector on the treo on day 1) that I'm selling. I used this phone as my primary work phone and I could not get strong service out of my home (home based office). I finally switched over to the Blackberry storm on the VZW network and now have this expensive "paper-weight" lying around.

    Unfortunately, I signed a 2-year agreement with Sprint that I canceled, so now I owe Sprint $200 for a cancellation fee.

    So I'm asking for $200 (shipping is included) or best offer. This does include everything that came with the treo originally plus an 8GB card.

    Paypal or Certified Check/MO.

    Thank you.
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    Was the price off? No responses yet and it's still available...

    Best offer guys & gals!
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    Probably just a bad time to try to unload an 800w. Anyone due an upgrade with Sprint can get the Pro for not much more, and others are waiting for the Pre to be released.

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