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    PRISM -
    travel wall - $15.

    a wire for Prims to Startac/Timeport for $15 - wireless internet, e-mail very cheap with free Avantgo Web browser
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    A couple of questions...

    Why are you selling?
    How old is the Prism?
    How old is the Stowaway?
    Is the travel charger a specific brand of any kind?
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    "Why are you selling?"
    I am switching to the Handera 330 for a variety of reasons. I love the Prism, but I need monochrome, battery life, compact flash and MMC.

    "How old is the Prism?"
    My Prism is 6 months old.

    "How old is the Stowaway?"
    The Stowaway is 4 months old. Rarely used but an awesome piece of equipment.

    "Is the travel charger a specific brand of any kind?"
    I bought is at Comp USA - don't know what brand. Sorry.

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