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    On Sale at CompUSA:

    Less instant savings and rebates.

    Original Visor $99
    Visor Deluxe $49
    Visor Platinum $99

    Got the Sunday paper today (8/19/2001)
    with the CompUSA ad. Here's an incentive
    for all of you who've been thinking
    about buying one including myself.
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    The visor deluxe is $49? Or are you saying it is $49 off?
    We're all naked if you turn us inside out.
    -David Byrne
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    I'm looking at the ad. The Visor Deluxe is $49 and includes the ActiveLink pager module, but requires the 1 year service contract.

    And the Platinum is offered for $99. when you also buy an Apple iBook.

    And a word of warning concerning CompUSA rebates. I just spent weeks trying to get them to pay up on one of them. The rebate center claimed it was a "misprint" and refused to pay. The customer service people at headquarteres don't return your calls.

    So I'm a little suspicious now when their ads seem a little too good to be true.

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